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College Acting 

UCSB Junior

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College Acting 
my approach..

Helping the actor acquire a stronger, and more realized command of his/her body and voice, coaching sessions aid in the development of greater awareness, specific stage choices and poignant demonstrations of prepared text.

In our sessions, actors develop and identify key considerations and vocal practices for priming the voice and body for free and focused expression as they develop an appreciation for the intersections of language, voice and thought.  Whether a new play, or Shakespearean classic, students will discover the liberating power and practical application of dramaturgical exploration of texts.  This will serve as the starting point for scene work and lessons in staging and movement.

Drawing from years of experience developing curricula for education programs such as Trinity Repertory Co.’s education department, YASI summer arts program (grades 6-12), as well as the Project Contemporary Competitiveness Advanced Studies Program at Stonehill College.  Similarly, during my work with The American Place Theatre: Literature to Life Program and Democracy Prep Chart School, UCSB and the Marymount School, I led and developed class specific residencies and large group forums as well as a creative writing enrichment courses.  

Empowerment and positive expectation are key in the successful learning environment.  As a performance coach, I pride myself on appreciating my students’ individual journeys as artists and people.  I believe that by teaching each student how to use the tools that are uniquely their own, they encounter theater and performance with sustained confidence and enjoyment that allows room for the greatest amount of growth.

Come and let's work together!

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Yale University (BA) | Brown University Trinity Rep (MFA)

Acting: Bob Krakower, David Vaccari, Brian McEleney, Anne Scurria, Stephen Berenson


Directing:  David Krasner, Beth Milles, Laura Kepley, Brian Mertes, Scott Edmiston, Ellie Renfeld


Voice: Thom Jones, D'Arcy Dersham, Kathryn Jennings


Movement: Stephen Buescher, Jane Nichols, Daniel Stein, Laura Munoz, Bob Berky

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